MiMi Innovations
Design Studio


MiMi Innovations was founded in 2014 with the ambition to create original products that give people aesthetic pleasure. We pay great attention to every detail as in ease of attachment, appearance and packaging. In 2016 we started with the World Map True Puzzle, a new concept of beautiful large-scale model world maps of wood. We love working with high quality sustainable wood and continue developing world maps made of different luxury types of woods.

We are proud that the MiMi maps are now represented in more than 30 countries but continue to conquer the world. 

We present our products by type of product and you can navigate through the menu or sitemap and watch them.


Exclusive Edition - Oak, Sapele and Walnut - 130x78cm

  Decor World Map - Black, Brown and White - 130x78cm

 Puzzle World Map - Black and Brown - 150x90cm and 100x60cm 

Giant World Map - Black and Brown - 280x170cm